Intensive Mixer
The SATEC intensive mixer applies counter-current mixing principle which provides optimal homogeneous mixture in shortest time.

For the process of
◎ Mixing
◎ Granulating
◎ Homogenizing
◎ Kneading
◎ Dispersing
◎ Emusifying
◎ Coating
In the industrial preparation of
◎ Refractory
◎ Glass
◎ Ceramics
◎ Foundry sand
◎ Metallurgy

◎ Environmental technology

◎ Concrete

◎ Carbon paste

◎ Sand lime brick

◎ Friction linings

◎ Ceramics

◎ Dry mortar and plaster

◎ Lithium-lon batteries

◎ Fertilizer


Based on counter-current mixing principle
The eccentrically assembled multi-level high speed mixing tools rotating in clockwise direction provides high intensity mixing.

The inclined arranged rotating mixing pan in anti-clockwise tumbles the material, provides mixing effect in vertical and horizontal and bring the materials to high speed mixing tools.

The multi-purpose functional tool deflects the materials, prevent materials from sticking to the mixing pan bottom and wall and help to discharge.

The rotating speed of mixing tools and mixing pan could both run at various speeds for specific mixing process, in the same process or different batches.

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