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Test Center

The SATEC Test Center – Center for process technology

The SATEC test center is an experimental laboratory for testing and trialing, a plaform for new ideas, a research&development center. and a hub for the international sharing of information -in short: an engine for innovation in the fieldof material preparation.

More than 1000 tests a year involve different industries in the test center, and SATEC has developed unique solutions with customers and other users.

We can do experiments for customers from different industries all over the world

1. When the customer's mail materials arrive, we will arrange the experiment within seven working days. At that time, we will provide video or live broadcast services for you to view in real time.

2.We have rich industry mixed granulation experience, will bring you continuous

3.Production of products in quantities which can be used for sampling by end users,meet the experimental requirements of different mixed volumes, several litres/thousand litres one batch

4.Laboratory mixer for batch and continuous operation

5.As a test bed and platform for the performance of tests, the SATEC Test Center provides you with support right through to the successful start of production and beyond. This can cover the entire spectrum of basic process engineering operations.

6. can be used for a great variety of challenging processing applications,such as mixing, granulating, coating, kneading, dispersing, dissolving, defibrating, and many more.

7.Scale-up without limit The linear transfer of the test results to industrial scale is possible.

8. The test report can be recorded

9. A selection of user industries which enjoy lasting benefits of the work of the SATEC Test Center,e. g. as a result of new and groundbreaking process concepts:

Ceramic industry/Refractories industry/Building materials/Powder metallurgy/Battery industry/Metallurgy/Recycling/Foundry molding materials/fertilizer/catalyst

No matter what task you come to us with – you can always be sure of getting personal advice without obligation and individual assistance every time.

The following pictures shows the mixing volume loading capacity of one batch of processing capacity. The average mixing time is within 1 minute and the granulation time is within 3 minutes


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