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About Us
SATEC, is the manufacturer of INTENSIVE MIXER and GRANULATING MIXER, and expert in materials manufacture processed.
The SATEC range of mixers includes sizes from 4 to 12000 liters, which meet user-specific requirements with great efficiency.
◎The unique working principle
◎Rotating mixing pan, for material transport
◎Variable-speed mixing tool, slow to fast for mixing, kneading, granulating, dispersing, coating.
◎Separation between material transport and the mixing process, this allows the speed of the mixing tool (and thus the power input into the mix) to be varied within wide limits.
Products are widely used in many fields, such as concrete, sand lime brick, glass, ceramics, refractory, environmental technology, lead acid paste, friction linings, foundry sand, dry mortar and plaster, lithium-lon batteries, carbon paste, metallurgy, fertilizer, catalytic etc.
The company is in full compliance with the certification requirements of ISO9001 quality management system.

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