Preparation technology

Our high performance mixers apply to all of the glass material process. The non-agglomerating high mixing performance can ensure hyperfine preparation. The specially designed mixer can mix the materials which are unsuitable to store in the hopper or ultra-small proportion.
Preparation of Glass Batches
The key to quality glass: A homogeneous batch.

Glass batches consist of many individual components which in some cases differ considerably in terms of their
◎Ratio in the formula,
◎Bulk density or specific density,
◎Particle size distribution,
◎Grain form
◎Solubility and wetting characteristics,
◎Tendency to form agglomerates.

The main function of the mixing machine is to produce a batch of optimum homogeneity and lowest possible demixing tendency.
SATEC intensive mixers are high performance machines adapted to the specific requirements of the glass industry.

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