Ceramic mixer equipment manufacturers choose brand
Sen tyco series ceramic dedicated strong mixing machine, the ceramic hybrid machine has the mixing effect is ideal, the advantages of good performance, the ceramic industry in our country has a wide range of application effect. The domestic is more choice.

1, mixing machine for ceramic materials can in the shortest possible time to achieve the best mixing effect;
2, mixing machine for ceramic run efficient, mixing time is short, no against mixed phenomenon;
3, mixing machine for ceramic equipment USES the lowest wear design, wear small, leaf blade long service life, easy maintenance, parts easy to replace;
4, special ceramic mixer mixing machine can load when the power is restart;
5, mixing machine for ceramic low energy consumption, compared with the traditional horizontal equipment, higher energy utilization;
6, mixing machine for ceramic small volume, covers an area of less installation, reduce the cost base.
7, tyco ceramics special mixer to tiny pigment homogenization;
8, tyco ceramic dedicated mixer ceramsite equipment (proppant, grinding ball, ceramic filter, the tableware of isostatic pressing molding);
9, tyco ceramic dedicated mixer is used for extrusion molding or pressure molding of sheet metal;
10, tyco special mixing machine applied in the ceramic slurry, is mainly used for grouting molding;

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