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Countercurrent intensive mixer also known as intensive countercurrent mixer, refers to the mixing refers to the mixing equipment that applies the principle of countercurrent relative motion to disperse and mix materials repeatedly. The mixing star and high-speed rotorare eccentrically installed in the material tray of the mixer. Thematerial tray rotates clockwise at low speed and continuouslysends materials into the rotation track of the mixing star rotating counterclockwise at medium speed. With the help of the rotating scraping plate. Turn the material over and send it into the track of high-speed rotor rotating counterclockwise for material mixing. In the continuous high-intensity mixing process of counter current relative movement, the materials can be mixed uniformly in a very short time. Generally, the required mixing degree can be achieved within 60-120s.

Inetnsive Mxier

The transmission system on the strong countercurrent mixer is to transfer the power of the motor to the rotor bearing chamber group through the driving pulley, narrow V-belt and driven pulley to realize the rotation of the rotor, so as to achieve the effect of mixing materials.

The rotor system of the strong countercurrent mixer is to use the power transmitted from the upper transmission system for the material mixing of the machine. By adjusting the speed of the driving motor, the rotor system can reach different speeds, and the corresponding materials can enlarge the data obtained from the small experiment for production, so as to meet the final material requirements.

The scraper system separates the materials from the side wall and bottom of the mixing tray during the preparation process, realizing the self-cleaning function of the mixing tray; It can also open the discharge door after the preparation of materials, and completely discharge the finished materials into the next process through the

combination of bottom scraper and the rotation of mixing plate, so as to effectively prevent the agglomeration of materials on the reinforcing ring of mixing plate and at the discharge door during the unloading process.

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