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Intensive mixing and granulating mixer

The mixing granulator has been developed in foreign countries for a long time, but it has only been introduced into China for a few years, and because this kind of industrial equipment is the top equipment in the industry with high-tech and high-tech content, in the industrial field in the past few years, almost no domestic equipment production brand can master this complex technology completely and independently.

Intensive Mixer

However, the Chinese people are still very good at technological innovation. For example, the mainstream brands in the industry, such as Sentaike, have finally overcome the technical problems of the powerful mixing granulator a few years ago and produced a powerful mixing granulator more suitable for various industrial fields in China.

According to the internal information related to the industry, in addition to Sentaike, there are not a few domestic manufacturers that can manufacture the powerful mixing granulator, and the huge technical advantages and cost advantages of the powerful mixing granulator itself make many industrial fields quickly lock in this equipment.

Taking Sentaike's current mainstream powerful mixer and granulator products as an example, first of all, the improvement of production efficiency is visible to the naked eye, which not only meets the needs of industrial production, but also enables production, quality and efficiency to go further. Secondly, Sentaiko's technological advantages are also reflected in cost control, which not only greatly reduces energy consumption in production, but also greatly reduces energy consumption.At the same time, the later maintenance does not need too much cost, only by these two points, so that the new industry granulation equipment is enough to attract a lot of attention.

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