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SATEC intensive mixer perfect mixing and granulation accessories service system
SATEC intensive mixer perfect mixing and granulation accessories service system
High-quality spare parts are an important guarantee for shortening equipment downtime, improving maintenance quality, completing repair plans, and ensuring repair cycle and enterprise production.

SATEC intensive mixer fully considers various situations in the maintenance and use of equipment, and has perfect and meticulous equipment and replenishment for each department to minimize maintenance downtime.

SATEC intensive mixer has established a complete spare parts warehouse to provide customers with more reliable protection.

Intensive Mixer

Centec Power Mixer Parts

Advantages of SATEC Intensive Mixer:

1. Less wear and tear of equipment

The bottom and wall of the mixing barrel are equipped with wear-resistant lining plates, which are made of wear-resistant metal sheets. Rotor blades and L-shaped scrapers are carbide or surfacing protection.

2. Safe and reliable operation

The mixer is equipped with a PLC control system for visual operation. The system has two modes of automatic operation or manual operation. The formula, mixing time and other values can be directly modified through the operation panel. Motor with automatic disconnect and emergency stop switch near mixer for safe operation

3. Easy to maintain and maintain

The mixer is equipped with an observation door, and the observation door has a quick latch, which provides convenience for customers to observe the mixing process of materials. Inspection door on the side of the mixing drum for maintenance and replacement of spare parts. The wear-resistant liner at the bottom of the mixing tank wall, rotor blades and scraper at the bottom of the wall are easy to replace.
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