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How does a laboratory intensive mixer work?

The working principle is based on the turbulent mixing technology, through the cooperation of the mixing disc and the three-dimensional rotor to achieve strong mixing.

Operation process: mixing material - mixing and granulating - fixing tool components - adjusting rotation - presetting or adjusting the granulation speed.

Technical features environmental protection, safety, simple operation, etc.

1. Working principle of laboratory intensive mixer

The laboratory intensive mixer adopts the current advanced turbulent three-dimensional mixing and granulation technology in the operation process to efficiently prepare granules in a short time. Compared with other granulators, the mixing process of two or more materials can save at least 3 times the time.

In addition, this powerful mixer can also detect process parameters for industrial production of large quantities of materials by mixing small quantities of materials.

2. The operation process of the laboratory intensive mixer

1) Agitate the material to prepare granules.With the action of rotors, pelletizing discs and scrapers, the laboratory intensive mixer uses tool assemblies in the working barrel for processing.

(2) Material mixing and granulation. The laboratory intensive mixer can use the turbulent three-dimensional mixing and granulation technology to operate the machine, and can process and mix according to the characteristics of different materials to effectively complete the ball granulation process.

3) The tool assembly is fixed.The laboratory intensive mixer can be adapted to a variety of components, each of which is properly mounted at a specific angle, such as a bottom-mounted scraper, for quick discharge.

4) Adjust the rotation for efficient homogenization.The laboratory strong mixer can control and adjust the rotation direction of the cylinder and the granulation tool during granulation, so as to disperse the materials, make the materials evenly mixed, and achieve high-quality homogenization of material mixing. In addition, according to the needs of mixing materials, the rotors in the granulation tool can also be set to rotate in the same direction.

5) Preset or adjust the granulation speed.The laboratory intensive mixer can also adjust or preset the mixing speed according to specific needs, and can control the speed to achieve staged mixing and granulation.

3. Technical characteristics of laboratory strong mixer

(1) The mixture is uniform.The laboratory intensive mixer has fine technology and can control the particle size during use to ensure uniform particle size.

(2) Environmental protection and safety.Because the operation of the laboratory strong mixer is a fully enclosed operation process, the whole process will not cause dust pollution, which is relatively safe and environmentally friendly.

(3) Simple operation.The laboratory is equipped with an independent control cabinet, which realizes visual operation and automatically controls the mixer. And can use hydraulic control unloading, reduce workload.

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